Queenie nursing her babies.
Queenie nursing her babies.
Hi Everyone,
It has been a long couple of weeks and I apologize for not updating you earlier.
Queenie whelped her pups on Jan 29th and had 8 pups, which included one stillborn. All girls, all her coloring except one!
She was an awesome mom from the start. At 3 days post whelping Queenie got deathly ill and the pups were dehydrating from sudden diarrhea. I rushed her and the pups to the Vet. All tests came back negative. Sent home on fluids and meds and in 48 hours everyone was making a turn around.
When I brought them home
Another litter saved thanks to the Newport Animal Shelter.
Another litter saved thanks to the Newport Animal Shelter.
from the Vet I didn't have the heart to put her back in our kennel, so I moved her and the babies in our bathroom. Well, almost 2 weeks later and they are still there! Queenie is the BEST dog we have ever taken in. She has taken over the bathroom, kitchen and whole upstairs. SHE has decided her and the kids are not moving back out. She gave her kennel run to a new Boxer mom and her 7 pups.
Thank you so much for helping her get to our rescue. And incidentally, she already has a forever home waiting. She is going to live with a 65 year old stroke patient.
Thanks again,
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