Buxton, right before leaving NAS
Buxton, right before leaving NAS

This letter was forwarded from the rescue group that took Buxton from NAS and found him his forever home.

Dear Linda,

Buxton is a great Beagle!  He was very good during the ride to Wilmington, and seemed to know what having a home is all about, especially the kitchen. He's good in his crate and fusses just a bit before settling down for the night. He's good in the car without being crated, extremely friendly toward people and dogs, and comes when he's called -- with the exuberance of a puppy!  He's quite a chewer, but drops things on command, and understands "no."  He's extremely affectionate and will sit with me for short periods, before bounding off for his ball.

Loves the park right next door and walked a lot with me on the weekend. He's absolutely fine with my neighbor's dog; but Roscoe is snarky about having Buxton indoors, although he began to play with him outside and they walk well together. Too busy sniffing to bother with one another on walks.

Buxton is eating well, drinking enough water, and all systems are good. He just needs some basic training -- it looks like someone started him on "sit" and "down," -- and to learn that not everything is available for him to tear up or chew, and that "no bite" means just that! Temperment-wise, he's a lot like my first Beagle, Barrett, whom I had from age 10 weeks, but my gut is that Buxton will be easier to train -- and is a little more malleable than Barrett!

Would that I could have brought home two, but for right now, Buxton will be my challenge--and a welcome one at that.

I'll stay in touch and let you know how he's doing.

Take care, and thanks again.

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