Sign Policy Danny Wester Memorial Tree Park
Sign Policy Danny Wester Memorial Tree Park











September 1. 2017

Sign Policy

Danny Wester Memorial Tree Park

Intersection of HWY 25/70 and HWY 321


* The City of Newport and it Parks and Recreation Department along with the employees of the City will not be responsible for any and all signs at this site.

*You must be approved by the Parks and Recreation Department before signs can be placed at this site.

*You must complete any and all paper work at the Parks and Recreation office: address 433 Prospect Av. Newport, Tennessee 37821.

* This paper work will include your signature understanding that the City is not responsible for any and all signage at this site.

*Signage can be installed 14 days prior to the community event.

* Signage must be removed within 5 days after the event.

* The city will remove signage after the deadline has come and gone.

* The city will remove the signage if is not maintained due to weather conditions.

* When you have been approved to place a sign at this site you must provide a, date within 14 days to the event, date of the event, date to install sign and date of removal.

September 1, 2017


Name of Event: _________________________________________________

Contact Person: _________________________________________________

Phone Numbers: ______________________ Cell: ______________________


Date of approval: ________________________________________________

Date of Event: ___________________________________________________

Date to install sign: No more that 14 days prior to the event:


Date of removal: 5 days after the event:




Signature of the requester:                                                               Date:                                        



Signature of Employee:                                                                           Date:


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